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october 12, 2015 Friends! In the cattery there are kittens. Write on e-mail.Почта
march 8, 2014 On march 8 new litters were born, from Paula and Morena.
march 8, 2014 On february 26, litter from Ulianna were born, all kittens is color point.
april 19, 2013 In cattery new litters were born, 3 litters of kittens - for additional information write by email. Thank!

Welcome on website of cattery BASTET-MAX.
It is possible to consider as the mortgage of our success our producers, representatives of breed the Canadian sphynx which advantages are repeatedly confirmed and estimated by experts of various systems.
On pages of website you can see photos of kittens and adult cats of our cattery, to receive recommendations on care of a sphynx, to see a photos from Cats Shows, to visit a photo gallery of adult cats and kittens for sale (may be, somebody from them becomes a member of your family).
We try to bring up correctly our small pets, carefully we watch over their health. Adult animals pass obligatory annual vaccination, everyone half a year are checked in the licensed clinics on virus infections.
Sphynx – it is not simply cats. Besides original exterior, he has very high intelligence, he in constant dialogue, easily finds contact both with adults, and with children, does not clash with other animals. In our cattery You can select the ward for itself, both for breeding, and pet.
Our cats and kittens live with us as members of our family. The kittens ship to new owner not earlier at three months old. All kittens are completely vaccinated, have the veterinary passport, pedigree and contract.
We will be glad to dialogue with You.
Maksim and Olga.
Call: +7-916-620-51-60 (Olga),
+7-916-314-35-96 (Maksim).

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